Historic Oklahoma Artists

The list of artists below are artists that we are interested in purchasing or selling. Click on the name of the artist for examples of work and more information. For more information on how art is appraised, click HERE.


Emilio Amero

Ina Annette – for sale

Eugene Allen Bavinger – for sale

Thomas Hart Benton

George Emmett Calvert

Howard Norton Cook

John Steuart Curry

Ron DuBois – for sale

Otto Duecker – for sale

Brummett Echohawk

Leonard Good – for sale

Mark Gould – for sale

Stanley Hess

Alexandre Hogue – for sale

Olinka Hrdy

Ken Huangfor sale

Oscar Brousse Jacobsonfor sale

D. J Lafon – for sale

Emil W. Lenders

Janet Lippincott

J. Jay McVicker – for sale

Roderick Fletcher Mead

Leo John Meissner

Mike Mims for sale

Jackson Lee Nesbitt

Sam Olkinetzky – for sale

John O’Neil – for sale

Neal Putmanfor sale

Doel Reed

Lester Wilton Raymer

Charles Henry Reynolds

Birger Sandzen

B J Smithfor sale

Leon Polk Smith

William Harold Smith

Jonathan Sobol for sale

Coreen Mary Spellman

Bettina Steinke

Michio Takayama

Janet Elizabeth Turner

Glenn Wheete

Charles Banks Wilson


Other works on consignment:

Artist Unknown  – for sale

Geislegoren – for sale

Haratte – for sale

Ingresfor sale

Gene Kloss – for sale

Eli Levinfor sale

Neal Turner – for sale




To view pieces for sale in person, please contact the gallery at 918-949-3100.