Libby Williams

Suspension, Libby Williams, Oil on Canvas, 2013, $2,200

Suspension, Libby Williams, Oil on Canvas, 2013, $2,200


Libby Williams grew up in Kansas City and graduated in May from the University of Tulsa with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting. She has also studied art at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and Chautauqua Institution in New York. She was a Spotlight Artist for Momentum Tulsa 2012 and will be the Emerging Curator this Fall for Momentum Tulsa 2014.


Artist Statement:

My work is an exploration of the potential of art to function as a language—a visual voice that communicates painted ideas through color, space, scale and form. By using a consistent vocabulary, made of interlocking pieces of color, I have created a working process that allows me to produce invented color compositions and abstractions of spatial perceptions.

This body of work is linked by its reverence for the unlimited potential of pigment. Color establishes a physical presence that allows it to operate as the true content of my work. I make intuitive choices by responding to an awareness of the dialogue that colors create among one another. Colors do not simply exist on a surface but become entangled, open up space and build volume by passing through and around one another.

Landscape has emerged as a recurrent muse in my work, partly because of its openness as a motif. The duality between painting as illusion and as an object motivates my decisions to withhold description, repeat forms, and build up a surface. The result is a visual language in which space expands and flattens through the generative breath of color.