Western Doughty


The work of Western Doughty is a series of studies in vivid contrasts and unseen beauty, reflective of the gender, race, and class struggles that impacted him during his childhood and teenage life in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Raised in the world of art and photography, he first began shooting images for his father’s company as early as nine years old.

“I draw from anything I see that leaves a profound impression. Larry Clark, Robert Mapplethorpe, Francesca Woodman, David Lynch, Sam Peckinpah, James Baldwin and Akira Kurosawa are all significant to me in that I could relate to them. Each has, in different ways, enabled me to see that my own struggles with the world around me can be incorporated into my art.”

Western Doughty’s professional photography career has spanned twenty years of portraiture, advertising, and commissions.