Tommy Ball

philtower fire escape


Growing up in Sapulpa, as a child, I spent many hours in the downtown area of Tulsa. After graduating High School, I attended and graduated from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma in Chickasha, and spent many days and nights in Oklahoma City.  I found that I enjoy riding my bicycle at night, giving myself a different perspective of the nightlights, reflection of lights and the neon lights in different cities in Oklahoma. Since I live so close to Tulsa, I spend many hours riding my bicycle into Tulsa from different directions, gaining a new perspective of the buildings I have admired all of my life.  While I have a degree in photography, I spend most of my time painting with watercolors.

Through my love of bike riding and summer night ventures I am able to observe downtown with a different perspective. Downtown Tulsa is architecturally profound and beautiful. The colors that come out from the various night-lights, dim or shining, create a scene. Busy but silent, downtown is admirable. The watercolor grants a fresh yet impressionistic value to beauty of the city, however, it is the architecture above all that is the depth of my inspiration.